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awqar, 13 June 2020
Ab Talk App for Generic Calls 2020

Hey folks, in this article, I am going to show you a new set of birth calls in 2020. With this app, you can make unlimited calls to everyone, and using this app does not worry about credit because this app offers unlimited credit, so you don’t have to worry about calling anyone because this app gives you many options to get unlimited calls. If you want to make calls, make all calls without credit, please read this article to the end. Use this app to make calls, so I’ll tell you now about the process and how to use this app to get unlimited currencies, let’s get started

How to download this app

So click on the Download button at the end of this article, it will take you to the Play Store and show you some options about the app, click the Install button, if you have any information about the app, When you click on the reinstall button during the installation process by reading the word and status, it will only take a minute depending on your internet connection if the app is installed on your mobile phone. The next step is the registration process, so we are now moving on to the registration process

How to register in this app

Now we are talking about the process of logging into this app, the registration process in this app is simple, you need to open the app, and the first U3 recording process is Google, the second is Facebook, and third, email, so click on any option you want to register, for example you can register on Google If you want to do that, click the Google button and the registration process will be completed automatically, because this app will give you 1000 coins for the registration process. Unclaimed currency

C Generation Clearance Coin

So we are currently talking about an unclaimed currency, because if you have a currency, call any country, so ask to click on the currency. The button is located at the bottom right of the app after clicking. It shows notes on the option to claim coins, the first option is a daily check, use this option daily to claim 100 to 700 points per day, the next option to claim a point is lucky, click the open statement and it will add free coins and claim the coins are safe The next step is, you can request coins and coins using this option, the largest option for claiming coins is the lucky card inviting a friend to watch videos, and there are more options in this app for requesting coins and coins, and you can claim unlimited time, You can get unlimited in this app. To make unlimited calls to any country


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