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Nowadays, there is a trend that people want to use multiple accounts on one phone or get two similar apps on one device. So, I found an app known as “Virtual Space Mode APK” for Android.

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In most electronic devices, there is no option to run a program for two different processes at the same time. In addition, it is impossible to do so because in most cases it is against its rules and policies.

However, the technology has been greatly updated, and now almost everything can be done in a matter of minutes.

Now you can get an idea of ​​what kind of app we are talking about in this article. If you still do not know the type of application and for what purpose you can use it, read this post.

Because I have tried my best to explain every aspect of this tool on this page. Plus, I hope it helps you get what you’re looking for. However, don’t forget to share this informative article as well as APK with your friends and colleagues.

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About Virtual Space Mode
Details of APK
What is cloning?
Why use?
PUBG virtual space
Application screenshot
Feature guide
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About Virtual Space Mode
Virtual Space Mode APK is an Android tool or app that provides additional virtual space or builds it for two apps from the same app. In other words, it is known as cloning where you are trying to create the same or a product that looks like a real product.

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So, this app gives you the same features and looks like every aspect. This is how people use these tools to run the same process in two ways.

It is a very useful and interesting tool that can help you to copy Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, games like PUBG Mobile etc. This is the safest method and you are not restricted to those huge platforms.

Details of APK
Ministry of Defense Name Virtual Space
Also 1.2.0 gg.
Size 6.96 MB
Developer Ring Co. Ltd.
The package name is com.rinzz.wdf
Requires Android 2.2 and above
What is cloning?
The term cloning is used exclusively in medical science or is derived from this field. In fact, it is a process of making identical copies or copies. Therefore, as a virtual space mode APK, it brings all the features of the application and makes a copy or a similar copy of this program.

While you also provide extra virtual space to keep these applications separate so that your device can’t detect them.

Why use?
There are many reasons you can use it. I have already provided some similar apps on this site which you can also download and download to Android devices. But there is a difference between this and the tools provided earlier.

In fact, many of these tools only allow you to open a copy application in its interface. While in virtual space, it builds apps directly on your app so you don’t have to open the Creator app to run those copies.

There are many players who use it for hacking purposes and this is undoubtedly illegal activity. But people still use it for pirate purposes.

In particular, people use it to run multiple PUBG mobile accounts. In addition, they use it to hack PUBG through their fake accounts and text so that they can protect their real accounts from being hacked.

PUBG virtual space
As I mentioned earlier, virtual space for PUBG is one of the most important factors for using this powerful app. Because there are two main areas in which the tool can be used. However, I have mentioned both of these options in the paragraph above.

But here I want to make it clear that no one can use it for hacking unless other supporting files are installed. But they can run only two PUBG accounts on the same phone.

So, to hack the game, they need some tools and files in addition to this app, such as Game Guardian, PUBG Hack Script and Strange VPN APK.

However, there is an alternative if this tool is not working and it is Veteran APK. Therefore, it is also used for cloning and you can use it.

Application screenshot
Screenshot of virtual space mode
Screenshot of Virtual Space Mode APK
Screenshot of virtual space mode
Feature guide
There are many amazing features that Virtual Space Mode APK offers to its users. But if you don’t try them on your phone, you won’t know them.

Therefore, I recommend you to use it first and then decide whether it is good or not. However, I have tested it many times on my own devices and have come up with these features. So, let’s take a look at what you will get out of it.

There is no fee to use and you can download it for free from this article.
It has a simple and easy to use interface that you can use without any experience.
You can run multiple accounts on Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites.
Create as many cloning programs as possible but there is a limit to each application.
It allows you to hack PUBG Mobile, Grena Free Fire and Fortinite.
It has premium features to get the most out of this amazing tool.
Avatar mode gives you two more options for fixed and fast mode.
Enable notifications to receive notifications for each clone or matching app.
This allows you to create a quick shortcut for each cloned program.
There you have the option of enabling a fake site to run a separate process so that you do not need any additional VPN.
There is a security lock for you to keep all your apps private and unfamiliar.
And there’s more to explore for free, Pro or VIP APK.
It may be used for illegal or unethical activity but we, the owners of this site, are not responsible for these actions. But it was created specifically for legal purposes and is a legal tool so I recommend you use it.

So, if you are interested in downloading the latest version of Virtual Space Mode APK for Android, please click on the download button below.


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