How to Fix Lag In Garena Free Fire Mobile Game and get FPS Boost

free fire lag fix

Free Fire Almost all online games such as Free Fire have long-standing differences. So to help my fellow firefighters solve the rest issues, here is the ultimate guide to fixing a Free Firefighting Break. If you have not yet downloaded Freefire, you can click the button below.

free fire lag fix
Garena Fire Free for Android

Get Fire Free iOS

The last guide has three parts. The first part discusses the configuration of Android devices to improve fire resistance. The second part is about creating free fire pictures. The third part deals with issues of free shooting.


20 Easy Nuts to Fix Guerina Freefire Fractions
Setting the device to improve relaxation
1) Storage space inside the device
2) Delete unused programs
3) Enable 4xMSAA and change the animation and migration settings to 0.5
4) Use game-enhancing programs
5) Wipe the device
6) Turn off the original programs
7) Stop repairing the battery
8) Enable overuse and improve MIUI for MI users
9) Turn off unnecessary services
10) Install Gerina Free memory internally, do not write on SD card
Free Fire Play sites to solve the problem of relaxation
11) Use the correct image format
12) Fire repair and installation.
13) Turn off voice chat when not needed.
Free Ping troubleshooting
14) Use Wi-Fi to play. And enable the aircraft mode.
15) Use a good internet service provider
16) Pangar V2
17) Stop/disable the flight mode for network updates
18) Use VPN for games
So that was the kind of short answer in the guide. Here is a guide to the lowest depth of the repair delay shooting.

Part 1: Equipment installation
Tip 1: Release of unwanted storage space.
To be able to play mobile games on fire without delay, you will need storage space. Creating and deleting original files by playing free games such as online games. If you have little storage space, the process of writing and deleting data is slow. So, always make sure you have at least 2 GB of free fire storage space.

Delete unwanted files

You can learn more about the release of the game storage space.

Tip 2: Eliminate unwanted programs.

Powerful, low-powered Android devices are not ideal when it comes to gaming. If you have more than one program, this will allow these programs to run in the background, inform you, and take your valuable information to the background. Turn off these programs.

The more RAM and CPU you play, the faster the game will run, especially on low-noise devices. So, delete programs you do not use.

Tip 3: Simplify 4xMSAA and change the animation to size 0.5

There are settlements that can improve breaks during a free fire. Downloading this tool we can get the fps boost we need.

To enable developer options, follow these steps:

Go to your device settings.
Click “About Phone”.
Click “Room” 10 times.
Your developer selection will now appear on your device.
If not, use your device name Google. MIUI, COLOR OS, Oxygen OS, etc. have changed their destination.
Please enable “Enhance Options”.
Scroll down to find the following options:
Active force 4x MSA.
Set the animation scale on the window to 0.5x
Set the animation duration to 0.5x
Set the size of the temporary animation to 0.5x
Stop mixing HW
Restart your phone
Including, your mobile phone is faster than before and makes the game faster. This will ensure that your game is not delayed during the game.

Set up free fire developers to upgrade and cut FPS

Tip 4: Extending the Game

All the expensive phones, as well as the latest phones, are starting to load in a game mode, which includes the latest. Unfortunately, not all phones have this feature.

The best solution for those who do not have the game mode is to use this application, known as the game mode. Recommended by XDA which works well You can also use the Game Booster BGNMObi. Although it has a lot of ads, it still works well. You also get an FPS table which I think is a great bonus.

Tip 5: Clean the program repository and device repository

Application has

In the Phone section, you can delete the memory card as above.

You will also need to wipe the entire phone cache using hidden areas for additional cleaning.

You need to rearrange it to find and delete Dalook and Backup. The volume usually drops on boot up and brings you back to recovery. Hold for 5 seconds Find the Google keywords for your private key on your device.

You need to press and hold the Volume + Power button for 5 seconds
Do this by following the correct steps on your device.
All you have to do is select the “Delete backup option”. Do not make the wrong choice and turn on the phone.
Android phone to run faster

This can really speed up your phone when it comes to opening final programs as well as saving storage space. Hopefully, this will improve the mobile firewall game.

Tip 6: Turn off programs and programs in the background

Many phones now have the option to stop the original programs as well as stop restarting programs. I also recommend both options. The more resources you can store, the better you will perform.

Free Fire Repair

So I advise you to close all programs.

Tip 7: Turn off battery repair

These days, all Android devices come with an array of battery settings. This saves batteries in performance costs.

Tap Battery Settings> Unlock Battery and tap Restrictions for a smooth experience while playing Free Fire Mobile> Free Fire Mobile.

Improve your free fire fighting game

This prevents free battery repair which is responsible for saving battery at the expense of performance.

Tip 8: Allow MIUI overclocking and optimization mode for MI users

Some phones have the option to scan the device. Especially if you have a game phone. Some phones like ZUK z2 Plus also have this feature.


You can also enable features like MIUI Optimization for MI phones. Other types may have similar options. Check the good performance in the game and use it.

Tip 9: Turn off unwanted services

Turn off unwanted services like Bluetooth, visual effects, location services, print services, auto roaming, vibration, and unwanted noise. It runs in the background and affects battery life as well as performance.

Set phone instantly in mobile game delay game

You want to use the power of this game so make sure to turn off all unnecessary services and activities

Tip 10: Installing in Free Fire SDDARD is not in memory

When installing any game, you need to insert your internal card, not your SD card. Because when it comes to sports, you need the best of performance. SD cards slow down the internal memory all the time. To get the best out of the game, install a free fire memory stick inside.

Fireplaces and free options

Tip 11: Use the correct graph layout

Mobile phone players are important to photo sites. In addition to people who play emulators, you need to use the correct settings while playing free fire. Without a proper settlement, the sport would be delayed.

And free fire detection system to improve delay

So here are 4 tips on how to upgrade a free game fireplace:

Instructions for creating image formats
PUBG Combination Improvement Instructions
LD Engine Optimization Instructions
Bluestix Upgrade Guide

Tip 12: Free fire repair and maintenance

Sometimes there is a problem with game data and application files. When you update the game, it gets bad or bad.

Install the game and create a fresh install. It can help ease your fears. Do not try to

Tip 13: Turn off the microphone when not needed

The microphone uses an unnecessary bandwidth to transmit sound during gameplay. If you encounter a lot of delays, especially online delays, turn off the microphone and use text chat.

Free firefighting fix and ping issue fix


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