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By | June 12, 2020

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What you need to know about the new PUBG Mobile Royal Pile

The 0.60 patch added another feature to PUBG Mobile: the Royal Pile System. If you’ve played Fornet before, you should check out a system called “Battle Pass”: Royal Pile is the Battle Pass version of PUBG Mobile and, in many ways, bears a resemblance to the Fornet version. Since this is a brand new system, there are many questions about how it works and how to use it. We’ve created this guide to answer these questions: Below, you can find everything you need to know about the PUBG Mobile Royal Pile system.


What is a Royal Pass?
The Royal Pass is a seasonal event and allows players to complete different missions and win different prizes throughout the season. Currently, the second season will release and end on August 18, 2018. At the end of the season, players will be able to receive additional rewards according to their seasonal rankings. You can join the Royal Parade program for free, but you can reap many benefits by purchasing an “Elite” card.

In this context, there are two types of Royal Pass membership: free and elite. Players in both groups receive “daily” and “challenge” missions to complete. By completing these tasks, they earn royal points. Daily tasks are very easy and you often only have to complete two games.

Challenging missions are a little more difficult. In addition, only players with Elite Cards can complement each other. As you can guess, this type of mission provides more royal points.

Throughout the event, your goal is to earn royal points and rank by completing as many tasks as possible. With each rank you earn, you receive another reward. Free player ranking bonuses are mostly free coins. However, elite players can earn Special Event Coin (UC), Rare Weapons and Outfits while they qualify.

In short, players can also take advantage of the Royal Pass program for free, but if you want to win first-class prizes, you need to purchase an elite card. When you reach the Royal Pass 70 rating, you can return your Royal Score: How to buy an elite card

To purchase an Elite Card, you must first purchase a “UC” (Game Currency), Game Currency. There is no substitute for this, you have to spend real money. A one-time purchase is enough, you don’t have to keep buying it. However, you can still purchase exclusive weapons and cosmetics for elite members with UC. in other words:Buy the card only once to become an elite member throughout the season,
With UC, you can continue to purchase items that are only available to elite members.
The lowest elite entry fee is 600 UC. You need to spend 1800 UC to get “Plus” membership.

Launch Pub Mobile on computer UB
At the time of writing this article, 600 UC is worth 9.99. 1800 UC cannot be bought directly, you have to buy 1500 and 600 UC. It is priced at 34 34.98. If you like it, you can also buy 3000 UC: this bundle was the equivalent of 49.99.When purchasing the 600 UC package, you receive:

Elimination of Permanent Weapons (1)
Sustainable Rare Sweating (1)
Unique Royale Pass symbol that can be seen in the game

Of course, you can get jobs and rewards only to Elite Cardholders. The “Plus” package, priced at 1,800 UC, offers:

Royal Points (Get 20 Rank Instantly)
Elimination of very rare aircraft (1)
“Wandering” uniform (1)
Elimination of very rare weapons (1)
Sustainable Rare Sweating (1)
Unique Royale Pass symbol that can be seen in the game

This is what the Royal Pass symbol looks like if you’re wondering:


As can be seen from these lists, crazy players have one weakness: even if they get something or clothes, they will not be able to use them after the season is over. Elite players can still use their prize outside of the season. Finally, suppose you can buy ranks with UC: if you don’t want to wait for grade awards, you can buy them directly.

Season Award
As mentioned above, when the Royal Beyond season ends, it is also possible to win additional prizes based on what you have arranged during the season. A total of 8 layers and FPS / TPS methods are listed separately here. So your rating on TPS matches does not affect FPS games and vice versa. Seasonal prizes are mostly cosmetics, but as the rating increase, so does the quality of the prizes. In the higher ranks, you can get very few rare items and weapons.


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