OBB File For Free Fire Game Update

Free Fire Survival is the best shooter game available on mobile. Every 10 minutes after the game you are put on a desert island where you face other players, they are all looking for protection. Players are free to choose a starting point with their parachute and intend to stay in the safest zone as much as possible. Drive to find a giant map, hide in a hole, or disappear under the grass. Ambush, shoot, survive, there is only one purpose: to survive.
[Survival shooter in its original form]
Find weapons, stay on the playing field, loot your enemies, and be the last person to survive. Along the way, skip the airstrikes to gain a small lead over other players.


[10 minutes, player 0 players, waiting for the ecological survival welfare]
Within 10 minutes, a new living person will appear. You are

[- Person team with voice chat in-game]
Players are players and communicate with your team for the first time. Order your friends to win and be the last team to survive.

[Realistic and smooth graphics]
Easy-to-use controls and sleek graphics promise you the best residential experience you’ll ever have on mobile.

An exciting survival shooter on the mobile platform, and especially the live game that many players around the world love. Like other games in this genre, the Freefire app offers players a game screen experience with detailed map design, eye-catching interface, and especially excellent graphics.

An overview of Freefire

Attractive gameplay

Bang dramatic shooting screen. Players will try to get a quick visa to the island with weapons and essential items. The goal is to fight and survive.


If you choose to play the free firm app, you are in a desperate struggle to survive. From the transport plane, you will parachute to reach the specified island, and then the battle of life and death will begin. There was only one principle: to fight for life or to die. You need to complete your campaigns quickly to save opponents from war.

What’s interesting about the Freefire app is that players don’t take much time. Seconds In seconds, you must complete the preparations for the battle of survival. The important thing to remember is that each game takes only 10 minutes at high speed. Therefore, you should act as soon as possible.

When playing Freefire APK on poorly configured machines, it is thrown out of the game. So, the latest update has improved the performance, improved the graphics display so that players can see the enemy in battle only with the default costume.

Excellent features

Keep the buff system and others

The Freefire app includes a buff system in the power pack to allow players to upgrade weapons, helmets as well as toys for their cars.

Additionally, the game gives you a diverse system of different features. This includes updating new characters, the latest weapons, the latest vehicles, as well as the experience of gamers. Includes the latest costume features.

Detailed map and complex topography


The Freefire app has a map for players to follow in their footsteps. The map in the game is not very large, and the time for the safe zone is short.

In the game, you are free to choose the landing location and collect the necessary items to help fight other opponents. The ultimate goal is to stay safe as long as possible.

The area of ​​free fire application is also very complex, with many hills, forests and roads. The game is equipped with a large map, and yes, there are many dangers and dangers that attract players everywhere. In this game, you have to fight to the end to survive.

Players will be confused by the scenes shown in the game. And that adds to the appeal of this exciting game. Your mission is to quickly gather the necessary weapons and equipment for better preparation for battle. Additionally you need to control driving in different areas, such as cars, motorcycles, or helicopters.

Add more than one character


You can choose one of the characters in the Freefire app: Kelly, Olivia, Ford, and Andrew, then use Gold to upgrade the characters and unlock skills. One thing that is very similar to other games, such as rules and regulations, and the country of despair is that players will have to face the realm of survival. Over time the size of the circle will decrease, and obviously people outside the circle will die.

Diverse game modes

The Freefire app brings players three main modes of the game: Solo, Pair and Squad. The game allows you to customize the appearance of characters such as clothes, shoes to increase strength.

In the Freefire app, you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for and removing opponents. This is because in 10 minutes your task is to defeat 49 other players to survive till the end of the game. Compared to other players, players can freely choose the location for parachutes, landings, weapons.

Additionally, players have many strategies to win this game. You can drive to find every corner of the map, or hide in the grass. You can attack hunters and snipers from a great distance.


Large-scale weapons system

In this game, you can use many types of weapons. The weapons you have to choose from are AWM, USP, Dagger, UMP, Shotgun, M4A1, and AK-47. Additionally, you may want to consider using 14 different types of components to fight free fire.

With the uniqueness of this game, there are fast gameplay, easy controls, intuitive graphics and maximum limitations for all platforms. They make this game the best live game for mobile at the moment.

With enough weapons, the Freefire app features a variety of weapon customizations and colors, improved upgrades, and damage capabilities. Many improvements make it possible to stay private, especially for high-speed skydives, tall shrubs. All of this adds to the appeal of this survival shooter.

Especially an attractive feature that many players freeze the app


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