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Skp Vpn Download

Sky VPN is a free and unlimited VPN proxy server that allows you to unblock sites, secure school Wi-Fi restrictions, workplace firewalls, secure Wi-Fi hotspots, and browse online without any registry affiliation. of traffic. Protect privacy.
Login to unblock sites, ignore all websites and applications blocked by the firewall. Provide private VPN Internet access for school Wi-Fi, enjoy TV, movies, live shows, and foreign sports. Mandatory application at school
Sky VPN works great for bypassing school Wi-Fi. This school can block Wi-Fi firewalls and lead you to a truly free online world: browse all websites, search freely, watch your favorite videos, download unlimited files;
Private and anonymous

Sky VPN also provides a Wi-Fi hotspot shield and allows you to browse the internet through a proxy server privately and anonymously with the help of Super VPN and all your browsing activities. It is kept anonymous and private. Sky VPN breaks location restrictions and protects users’ Wi-Fi access points through the IP shield.

While on public WiFi, use this app to protect your device information and IP address, encrypting your privacy to protect it from other VPN Hotspot proxy servers.

SkyVPN protects your devices, protects your privacy, and protects your passwords and personal data on public Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile data networks.

No compromises in the traffic log
Sky VPN acts as an anonymous VPN master to surf anonymously, we are not engaged in traffic log, as we believe that your privacy and any private internet access for you is fine. This application protects data privacy, personal information protection and internet security.

Warning! There might be some free VPN services on the market:
(1) Collect and sell your data. Check their conditions!
(2) You need to pay monthly for premium bandwidth.
Sky VPN will never do that.

Unlimited Free Premium VPN Service
With Sky VPN, you can enjoy unlimited and free premium VPN proxy service

– How can it be free?
To help people enjoy a free VPN with unlimited bandwidth and better network access, Sky VPN offers several ways to help you get free traffic. Getting free Sky VPN traffic is fun and easy to enjoy Super VPN service.

Fast global VPN server
SkyVPN automatically chooses the best location and connects you to the closest and fastest server. So you can enjoy smoother connections, faster VPN speeds, and stable access to global servers than any other VPN proxy server.

It can be used on various devices.
Sky VPN works simultaneously on all devices: Android phone, tablet, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows and Mac. Surf anonymously with this VPN proxy without device limitations

Easy and convenient
To block sites with VPN Hotspot, just click to connect to the proxy server. Annoying ads will no longer be videos to prevent you from watching live videos. Easier than Snap!

Sky VPN: Increased network security and powerful VPN shield for Wi-Fi hotspots

Access the world for free now with Sky VPN!

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What’s new
1. Added faster VPN proxy server
2. Better performance
3. Improved user interface
4. Bugs fixed

Sky VPN is one of the worst VPNs and should be avoided at all costs. Although its free plan is attractive, SkyVPN is a great service that records your IP address and other personally identifiable information. Also, it cannot block Netflix and is not safe for torrenting.

We want to make all VPNs in heaven, but they often get reduced

Sky VPN is moving in this direction with the promise of “truly free access to the world”.

Does it fly over your face or fall to the ground?

Look no further than this Sky VPN review to discover and find honest answers to people’s questions, such as:

Is Sky VPN safe and reliable?

Does Sky VPN work with Netflix?
Is Sky VPN free?
How is Sky VPN used?
Can you download torrents with Sky VPN?
If you can subscribe to the premium version of Sky VPN, we’ll see the most popular free version. Read on to review the most important bits

Are you looking for a free VPN? Read our step-by-step guide to the best free VPNs in 2020 here.

Sky VPN Pros and Cons
A list of decent servers on the desktop
Terrible registration policy
Chinese property
Very low speed
Bad user experience
Don’t ignore censorship
Waste subsidy
Sky VPN Key Summary
Infinite limit to history
Speed ​​of 9 Mbps from London to Frankfurt
Registration policy diligent registration
Data loss
The Hong Kong judiciary
The server?
Unknown IP address
Countries 18
US Netflix number
Torrent number
China business number
Support online resources official website
Who is Sky VPN?
Information and registration

Sky VPN, Inc. In Hong Kong and has mysterious and hidden ties to Chinese possessions.

Sky VPN does not advertise this information at all, and we have to do our independent research.

An investigation revealed that Sky VPN Inc. It is owned by Teng Zhen Hong Kong Limited (展 香港 有限公司 by), which describes itself as Sky VPN Inc. , Secure Sanitary Communications, and Dingtone. It depends on where you are looking.

Its business address is Rm 2103 Futura Plaza 111 Hao Ming St., Kwon Tong, Hong Kong.

According to the Chinese language disclosure document, Tangzan Group acquired Dingtone in 2015, as there is no other mention in the English media.

Tan Zhen Hong Kong Limited was added to Yu Zemi (秀 秀) as sole director and shareholder in December of that year.

None of this is available. There is nothing on the SkyVPN website that indicates your ownership or business history anywhere.

You cannot trust this VPN service. The Chinese government can request records and information about any of its users at any time, and SkyVPN should cooperate.

Registration Policy

Sky VPN has a long list of entries.

Its privacy policy states that it protects a lot of information.

A screenshot of SkyVPN’s privacy policy
Excerpt from SkyVPN’s Privacy Policy

Sky VPN collects all of this data:

Total bandwidth usage
Temporary Use Data
Real-time analysis of internet and data traffic, including source IP and destination IP address
Cookies, pixel tracking, and related technologies for targeted advertising
Email address and contact details
Information about requests for assistance
“Some information” from your device
Make and model of the device
The type and version of the mobile web browser
IP address
MAC address
Location information
Country code information for mobile phone
List of apps installed on your device
Second Technical Data for your device
Despite all this, Sky VPN claims that unlike many VPNs it tracks, “Sky VPN never does that.” [Sic]

Sky VPN is also very open about:


“Ads appearing in the Sky VPN program or on any of our websites may be delivered to users through advertising partners, who may set cookies.”


When we read unspecified things like “other technical data” and “some specific information” we are always surprised that it could include anything. The lack of details is not a good thing.

The only thing about Sky VPN is how you get your data delivered to whatever court you ask for.

Painfully slow
Speed ​​and reliability

With Sky VPN wherever we connect to the internet, we have consistently lost more than 90% of our download speed.

Sky VPN is great, whether you are connected locally or remotely.


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